Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Defiled 2/5/13 (Rape/Explicit)

Filthy hands
Holding her 
Face down
Tearing at her clothes
With such determination
With such disgust
I watch them
A little girl
Who would be
Innocent no more

Watching it
Seemed like minutes
Living it
Has been a nightmare
That never ends
That first thrust
When he took
What should only
Have been given in love
When he took
Her innocence
When he ripped her
And then traded 
Places with his buddy

While one would 
The other
Told her
What a dirty little
Slut she was
"Tell me you like it"
They said
"Tell me to fuck you harder"
"You like that bitch"
"You're a nasty little whore now"

And they forced those
Words into her
Just as hard 
As they defiled
Any innocence
She still had
They made her believe
That she was everything
They'd called her
And more

And the memory 
Of what you did to me
Still haunts me
I can still feel you
Fucking the little girl
To death
And replacing her
With this vicious bitch
Who's been defiled
Who's been waiting
To exact revenge

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