Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Fairy Tale... 2/12/13

We all seem
To search out
The fairy tale
Instead of the hard
Hard truth of this world...

Very few of us
Ever find it...
Very few of us
Ever find ourselves
Much less a partner
That will see us
As we truly are
And love us
In spite of the
Dirt still under
Your skin

No matter how hard
You try...
No matter how you
Configure yourself
To what you think
They want...
You wonder....
If you show yourself
For who you really are
If it will end...

If you show your
Dark side
If yours is even close
To the darkness
Of my own
If he/she can handle
The real you
The one you only show
In your weak moments
If you'll find
Your happily ever after
Even after you show
The hell you lived
To get there...

Makes you wonder...
It makes me wonder
Right along with you...

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