Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spite 2/16/13

I have a past
One that haunts me
On nights like tonight
When I hear the words
I have tried telling you
Time and again...
I am no good for you.

Told again tonight
That I'm a fraud
That I'm just using you
That you don't deserve
The hell I carry with me

And I say to this
Perhaps something different
Than I've previously stated

I know I'm no good for you
I know I've got baggage
I know that my past will continue
To bite me in the ass 
The way it always does

But you make the pain
So worth bearing
You are more a man than any
Who have come before you
And you show me
A life worth living

You make me feel 
Which in and of it's self
Is foreign to me
Because you make me
Want to feel
Instead of hiding
Everything inside

I've never felt this kind of light
Burn inside of me
I've never felt like someone
Could see me for what I am
And love me in spite of it

And so, 
To those of you who believe
I'm just using this man...
That I'm not good for him...

You're right...

I am using him
I'm sucking up all the love
He has to offer and he's 
Healing me
From the inside out

I am no good for him...
Or at least I used to be
Because for him
And for myself
I want to be
In spite of all those
Who like to say otherwise...

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