Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quiet Moments.... 2/12/13

Is this for real?
This feeling that
I may have really
Found my place?

Can I trust this?
Is it within my
Because I've never
Felt this way before
I'd never really cared
This much before
About anything
About anyone

But lately...
Just lately...
I feel the distance
In between
What you can't say
And the things
I need to hear

To me
This step
Is enormous
I love you so much
I can't see straight
I don't see things
The way I once did
I can't be the person
I was
Ever again

And this new me
Is someone I don't know
Someone so overwhelmed
With the craziness
The devil has been
Whispering to me
In my quiet moments....

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