Thursday, February 14, 2013

To My Zech 2/14/13

You called
Just one ring away
And you gifted me
With something
That means so much
To me

You called
And the voice that
At times seemed the
Only thing that
Could have saved me
From me

Because you saw me
In my truest light
From the moment of
Our first introduction
To the people
We have become...

And even after
All these years
After only an hour
Or two...
You still see me
As true as ever
There is no light
That could bathe me
As cleanly
As clearly
As the light that shines
Inside of me
In that moment
Of our latest

You carry part of my heart
Wherever you go
With much much love
And with even more lust... lol
Please know
That even in my worst moments
Even when things all fell apart
When I couldn't find you

I was always looking

Thank you for the best
Valentines Day gift
That I have gotten in years...

I got to hear
Your voice again
In what seems like forever

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