Tuesday, February 26, 2013

So What Am I This Week.... 2/26/13

Things I have learned over the past week....

I've been sick as hell
Inside and out
Hearing about things
I've supposedly done
Or things I've supposedly said
And I have to marvel at
The ingenuity of some people...

 One thing I need to state
As clearly as possible
So as not to allow any

This child I carry
Is no one's business
But my own
And her father's....

And oh, there's the heart of the matter...
The rumor mill is really cookin on that...
From what I've read and heard,
This baby must have about 5 or 6 fathers....

I really can't wait until you
Find out my plan
To shove this bullshit
Straight back into your face.

Because I'll be happy to
Close that chapter
With a finality
You weren't looking for...

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