Thursday, October 24, 2013

Letters to Kairi 10/24/13


My little love
I spent some time today
The way your tiny head
Would fit into my cupped
Hand and how downy
Soft your hair was
The way you had about you
That I could talk to you
And those little eyes
Would look straight into me
And you'd know just
What I was saying
How vocal you were
Just starting to be
How you'd
"Aaagee" and
And shout, your
Sweet sweet voice
Almost a melody
I play over and over
In my mind
How even when you'd cry
When you'd tighten right up
With anger when I wasn't
Quite doing things your way
You would let me know
You loved me
In the way you'd snuggle
Into my embrace
Just melting
Into my heart
The way your eyes,
Your daddy's
Blue, blue eyes
Would look clean down
Into my soul
And for the first time
In what feels like forever
I felt clean
And whole
I had a home
And a family
And a life
And without you
I am lost
In a wasteland that I can't
Be free of
Because it feels my
Grief is like a blanket
That's wrapped so tight
Around me that I'm
Choking on it
Unable to break free
Of this
This pain
That comes
With every waking moment
And when I try
And fail
To sleep

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