Thursday, October 31, 2013

Phantom ~ Erik's Monologue ~ 10/31/13

Again... it isn't very often that I publish the works of others on here, but this is so close to the way I've been feeling lately and the lessons I have finally learned about myself that I just had to share.... so here goes...

"My mind has touched the farthest horizons of mortal imagination and reaches ever outward to embrace infinity. There is no knowledge beyond my comprehension, no art or skill upon this entire planet that lies beyond the mastery of my hand. And yet, like Faust, I look in vain, I learn in vain... For as long as I live, no man will ever look upon me and love.

Now at last I have found the courage to turn away from the foolish echos of human gladness. Optimism, blind hope, pathetic yearnings... I have let them all go, one by one, and I am as content as I shall ever be on this earth, in my peaceful solitude.

My kingdom lies in eternal darkness, many feet below the level of the Parisian streets outside, shrouded in the chill silence of the grave. Darkness and silence have been my companions since the day I chose to turn my back upon the world of men and create an empire that was solely mine.

From the moment of my birth my destiny was to be alone.

But it took me more than thirty years to accept that harsh and unrelenting fact... to understand where peace and resignation lay..."

~Erik's Monologue from Susan Kay's Phantom

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