Sunday, October 13, 2013

Material 10/13/13

Feeling so lost here
In hell where you left me
Cast off
Like something
Like something not
Worth saving
Like someone
Not worth your effort
Because I broke
Your cardinal rules
Because I dared to
Love too deeply
And too thoroughly
For someone like you
To comprehend
Someone so afraid of
So afraid of himself
Of giving more than
The material things
That you've missed out
On someone so precious
Someone worth your effort
Someone you barely knew
Because you couldn't allow
Not even a child
To penetrate
That shell
That took you years to build
And moments to defend
The night you threw me away
The night you justified
Removing me from your life
Because losing our daughter
Became too much for you
To handle
Because again...
It's all about the material
For you
So once again
I loved too much
And you not
And you've become
Yet another on
The list of people
Who weren't strong enough
To hold
Someone like me
I can't turn my heart on
And off like you can
But I'm getting there

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