Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Piano 10/1/13

The piano
Sits dusty
Long forgotten
In the despair
That has settled
Like a blanket
Over the house
The only melody
The strings have
Vibrated with recently
Are the discordant
Of the woman
Who once played her
With such joy
With such promise
Playing lullabies
For the little angel
Who lived
Inside her momma
For nine months
And spent another
Nine weeks and five days
Charming and enchanting
Everyone around her
Even the piano
Who's strings would
Vibrate with joy
With every cry
Every sweet sound the
Child made
Until one morning
The music stopped
And then the piano vibrated
With a woman's screams
And then the screaming
Became the screaming
Of the sirens
Of the ambulance
That came to carry
The sweet child away
And then there was
Silence that followed
Them home
Without her
Silence that has
Every string
Every key
The only sounds
That resound now
Are the sounds of
Of agony
So silent she now sits
Gathering dust
Her keys and her strings
Unable to be played
Because it seems
That the music
Inside of the woman
Has died with the child

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