Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Little Drops Of Rain 10/29/13

Little drops of rain
Have stained the top
Of the desk at which
I sit as we talk
As you calmly tell me
Too much has passed
To ever make it right
To ever start again
And as I start dying inside
All over again
I realize
These aren't just
Little drops of rain
That surround the
Knife in front of me
They're the stains
From the million tears
I've cried
As I mourn the loss
Of my tiny angel
As I mourn the loss
Of the man I loved
As I mourn the loss
Of the family I'd really
Begun to love
As I mourn the loss
Of my hold on my sanity
Because as of tonight
I have nothing left
To mourn
No more tears to cry
Time to wash away
These stains
And replace them
With something
A little darker

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