Monday, October 21, 2013

Two Words... 10/21/13

I sat with you tonight
The memory of our daughter
Surrounding us with her love
And for five minutes... 
You held me
And it felt
Like home
In a way that makes 
Absolutely no sense...

I don' t need flowers
Or exclamations of love
Or even a call once a day.... 
I just need to know
You're not gone
From my life
And tonight
You gave me 
That gift...
You dressed 
My wound
With the words

"I care..."

Not I love you... 
Which is said so much 
By everyone today...

"I care"

Two words 
That have 
Shown me
That you haven't
Just thrown me away
Like garbage... 

"I care"

And there are three words
That I can give back to you
Without malice or hate
Or pain...

"As Do I" 

And with that
I turn a new page
In the story of us
One in which
I pray daily
That means we
Can live apart
But we can
Begin to heal


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