Monday, October 14, 2013

Gone 10/14/13

Where are you today?
I can't answer that
All I can say is where
You're not

You're not here
With me
Where you belong
Your sweet weight
Doesn't fill my arms
I don't have reason
I don't know reality
I don't know much

But I know I miss you
I know I miss the sweet
Sounds you'd make
When you'd lay on your
Blankie on the floor
And kick your feet
And fill my heart
With you

All I know now are tears
And the aching reality
That I'll never hold you
I'll never lay eyes
On you again
Reality that comes
When I fall asleep
Without you beside me
And when I wake in the
Sleeping but never resting
Because I can't come to grips
With the loss of you
Because believing you're gone
Means I'm gone too

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