Saturday, May 4, 2013

Findings... 5/3/13

So it comes to this
I've found where my path
Has been leading me
All along...
And it leads straight
To you..
Straight into your arms
Where I know I'll find
Where I find peace
From yesterday's mistakes
From tomorrow's fears
From the darkness I'm trying
So hard to rip out of my soul
I'm finding that I never knew
What I really had in you
Until I lost you
Until I made another of
My famous mistakes
And left
Never realized what a mistake
It would turn out to be...
But I take that as a lesson learned
I take it as a bittersweet
Reminder that I've found
A home with you
No longer will I allow my demons
To taunt me with lies
That I'm not good enough
That I'm not whole enough
That I can't be enough for you....
No longer will I allow my memories
To play games with my heart
To overshadow what is
With what was...
And it took this pain
To bring about
These findings...
And this is one lesson
Although never taught in school...
Has been absorbed and processed
Has been learned

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