Thursday, May 16, 2013

In Memory... 5/15/13


I remember
How we used to talk about
The silliest things....
Like how we'd make the perfect woman
If God had just made us into one woman
Instead of two...

And remembering this tonight
When I saw your profile on Facebook
Has gotten me thinking....
Perhaps he did...
Fuse us somehow...
Because since the day this world
Lost your light
I have felt you with me
Like the angel on my shoulder
I never had before
I just wish he'd allowed you to stay
Because you had so much life in you
So many dreams...
I remember it all...
I'll always have you Jessica
As a reminder
To make each day matter
To make this life mine
To grab it with both hands
And run like hell
Live like there's no tomorrow
And I carry you with me
Wherever I go...
I love you
I miss you
I always will

In your memory...
Rest In Peace

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