Saturday, May 11, 2013

Overcome... 5/11/13

I swear,
I have so many emotions
Running rampant in my mind
In this moment
That I'm overcome
With it all

Tired of knowing
That my past won't die
No matter how much I put it behind me
It's always there,
In the minds of everyone I know
That I couldn't possibly
Really change for the better
Because in the minds of everyone
Around me, I'm still a fuck up
I'm still the junkie that will
Never stop using
I'm still the girl you heard about
Not the one you see now...
Not the one you see in front of you
The one who's trying her best
And still...
Fucking still
Gets no credit for what I have

And I'm overcome with the fact
That I've overcome so damn much
And now it's all of you
Who can't overcome
Who I was...
Long enough to see
Who I've become

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