Friday, May 31, 2013

Pause 5/31/13

When I'm out driving mostly
I hear songs come on the radio
That remind me of you
I remember so much about 
How much you mean to me
But I also remember the betrayal I felt
That I still feel
At your inability to trust
That I have changed
That I'm not the person I once was
And I know I should just get over it
That you'd like it if I just forgot about it
And moved on 
Like it never happened
But I can't do it
I can't get past the sting
Of this wound
Perhaps you aren't able to understand
Just why this has affected me 
As much as it has
And I don't know how to make you see
How much damage has been done
From this
But it has opened my eyes
To just how fragile 
My hope is
To ever allowing myself
The luxury of trusting 
Because I see things now 
That I either didn't see before
Or I deliberately chose to overlook 
Things that give me pause
Things that I know that
I need to work on in me
If I'm ever going to be able 
To move past this hurt

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