Saturday, May 11, 2013

Whispers In The Dark 5/11/13

I hear you
In my quiet moments
From the darkness
Inside of me
Trying to make me believe
All that I've come to know
All that I've come to love
Is a lie
A vicious
That I'll never
Be free of you
Of who I used to be
Of the darkness I embraced
Like a lover
A blackness that engulfed
Everything I touched
That killed any semblance
Of "right" of "happy"
That made me into someone
I don't want to face
In the mirror

So I've filled those quiet moments
With as much life as I can
But I can't bury it completely
I've chosen to try my damnedest
To beat you at your own game
Because I'm tired of feeling like
I'm not whole
Like I'm not worth the happiness
Others are so blessed with
I'm made of stronger stuff than that
And I know it now
With a conviction I've never felt before

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