Sunday, May 5, 2013

One Reason Out Of A Hundred... 5/5/13

This pain is unrelenting...
I know it all too well

Today is my little girl's
Fifth birthday
And for the second year now
I am unable
Because of my own actions
And because I can't bear
To put her through the
Hell she went through
Every week at DSS
Only to have one hour
That was spent in glorious hello's
And despondent goodbye's

So when you ask yourself why
I am where I am
Why I want to be here
With you
Why I want to make a life
With you
You won't wonder...

Because I wouldn't wish
This kind of agony
On anyone
Let alone
Someone as wonderful
As you are
Someone who deserves
To have this gift
More than any man
I've ever known

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