Saturday, May 18, 2013

Runaway... 5/18/13

It has become my custom of late...
My first instinct
To run
When the going gets rough
Or too good to be meant
For someone like me...
To forget about the big girl panties
Laying dormant in my drawer
And to break out my jogging shoes
And run away
Not to face the inevitable failure
That follows me like a ghost
Chains dragging behind
With each faltering footstep I take
Toward a new life...

While this time,
The old beckons
Like a siren song
Pulling me back
To where I started
In the first place

A first for me
To attempt a new
A fresh start
Where once
Lay only ashes
An inferno
Has burst forth

From the embers
Of a mistake
Comes now
The finding
Of a runaway

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