Sunday, May 12, 2013

Hard Truths... 5/12/13

So now I guess I know
Exactly where I stand
In the scheme of all of this
In your eyes,
In theirs
In anyone
I thought that mattered
I've finally seen
Just what you all think
When you look at me

And no matter what I do
You'll always find me wanting

Finding that I've just been
Living a lie
Since I came back here
Finding that I only lied to myself
That once again
It's time to separate from
Everything I care about
And strike out on my own path
Because it's been made very clear
You don't want or need me
On yours

Right now I feel as important
As the dirt on the bottom of your shoe
But at least you didn't lie to me
You've finally shown me
Just where I stand...

Right back where I started

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