Saturday, June 1, 2013

Outrage 6/1/13

I can't seem to grasp
To understand the intent
Behind the blind betrayal
Of someone like you
My friend...
Someone who let me in
Who gave me an open invitation
To show me the man
Behind the mask
And you were a maze of mystery
To me...
So much passion
So much truth
The heart inside the
Facade you portrayed
To the world
Like a puzzle
The pieces of which were so
Intriguing to me

And knowing that you're gone
You've moved on to a
Higher plane of existence
Fills me with
Such awe

But also such outrage
At the injustice done to you
The way you were taken from us
With complete disregard for the
Man you were trying so hard to be

At those who would lead someone
Already on the edge,
And tempt him in to oblivion
And then poison him....

Take away this man
You never really knew
Who would have amazed you
Had you dared to look further
Than your own selfish needs....
Your day will come...
And it will come soon...

But all that's left
Are the memories
I hold dear to my heart
Of someone who let me in
Who allowed me entrance
Into his soul
And who's light
I will carry
In my heart

M.D. RIP 5/31/13

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