Thursday, June 6, 2013

Changed 6/6/13

Do people ever really change?
I believe I have
I don't see the same person
I used to be
Staring back at me
From the mirror
I see someone who has
Fought and learned
From the war
And come out smoking
On the other side
And looking back
I wouldn't change a thing
Simply because before I fell
Back into the darkness
Of my addiction
I wasn't whole
I wasn't dealing with the
Root of the problem

I have hurt a lot of people
On my journey to hell
And back again
People who will always see me
As the person I was
Instead of the woman I've become
But there are those who's
Love, who's light
Has become a beacon for me
When the darkness creeps in
Trying to pull me backward
People who have shown me that
I have a life worth living today
A life that granted,
Isn't as whole yet as I'd like
But one worth fighting for
One worth sharing
One worth the sneers and the
Whispers behind my back
Because I know
Now more than ever
Since the loss of someone dear
That I am someone worth knowing
I am someone worth
Getting to know
And I am someone
Who was worth saving
Because someday
I may return the favor

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