Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Falling 6/11/13

I feel like I'm falling
Slowly at first,
Like in a dream
When you were there
Holding me
Falling with me
And now I'm hurtling
Toward the abyss
Knowing that I'll crash
Upon the rocks
When the bottom
Comes up to meet me
You can't know
What this is doing
Inside of me
I feel you all the time
See you smiling
Letting me see
The real you
The one you tried too hard
To hide
Laying in your arms
As the rain poured
Outside your window
But the memory
Of you laying there
Invades every memory
Casting shadows
Of yesterday
Over everything I see
I love you so
And miss you even more
And pray
To my forgotten God
That you have been welcomed
Into heaven
While I continue
To fall
Lost in yesterday

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