Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Letter to God 6/11/13

And you wonder why I have such a hard time believing you are out there... You've called someone home who should never have had to leave so young... Who you took too damn soon for my liking and I want to know WHY... But there is no why in all of this... My heart knows no shame, so I don't have any problem with what I'm about to say...
Fuck you
That's right
Fuck you
And everything you stand for 
Until you give me the answers 
I so long to hear
Until you give his family, his loved ones
The justice they so deserve.
I have made many a mistake in my life, Many many many mistakes that you'll have the chance to judge eventually, but damn you, this one is YOUR mistake!  He didn't deserve to be taken so soon... and those responsible for his death shouldn't be out walking around.  The way I see it, you're already a vengeful GOD.... So avenge this wrong damn it... Make right what never should have never been in the first place just once... and perhaps I'll begin to believe in you again... because right now, I don't believe, nor will I...

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