Friday, June 14, 2013

Possible 6/14/13

There are a lot of things about me
That even I don't understand at times...
Something broken it seems...
Makes me feel like I'm just not like
The normal people out there...
I'm something unique
I'm something you never thought
You'd see....

Just complicated
And challenging
And I know there are a lot of things
About this crazy woman that I am
That you would consider...
But I'm a rare breed

I have fought battles that most
Would have run from
And I have come out on the other side
Perhaps a bit more broken than
I would have chosen
But wiser for the breaking

I don't claim to be more
Than anyone else
But I am more than I ever
Thought I'd be
And I'm finding that
I am finally able to see myself
For who and what I am

And I'm liking this me
More than I ever thought

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