Sunday, June 2, 2013

Markus's Song.... 6/2/13

Driving home at 4 am....
I had this song come on the radio
And I knew it was you....
You told me it was your song.... 
You told me it was 
Perfectly written just for you
So I sat there.... 
Remembering the last time I saw you
When we went song for song
And we talked for hours...

And I started to cry
And with each tear that fell
I spoke to you
Telling you that I knew you'd 
Just come to me
I felt you there
Letting me know that you're 
Okay now... 
Letting me say goodbye
To a dear friend
Someone I will miss dearly
Because you and I just "clicked"
You were more than just my friend
You knew what I was going through
I knew what you were going through
And we were able to talk on a level
Most people who haven't lived
As far on the edge as we did
Will never understand

But you did....
You got me
I got you
And like you always said
We just "Clicked"

Thank you for letting me know
That you're okay now...
That you've got no more pain...
No more turmoil in your soul
As you did while you were here
For letting me feel the peace
You now possess.... 

It gives me hope....
And shows me
As you always said
"Stay on the road you're on 
Baby girl...." 
"You have the strength inside you 
To fight this monster"

And after what happened to you....
I now believe it....
I can overcome this 
Because you came to me
And you showed me
That you loved me 
As I loved you
And I have peace now.... 

Thank you Mark....
I sat and listened to that song
And it was almost as though
It called you to me...
And one more time
At 4 am
I got to sit beside you
And go song for song...
You played me yours,

And now it's my turn...

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