Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Missed... 6/4/13

Perhaps I'm simply allowing
My pregnant hormones
To shine through today,
But I've cried over
The loss of you
All damn day
Can't get you off my mind
And I no longer care to try.

I'm remembering everything
Every moment we spent together
Every time I laid in your arms
You saw me in a way no one before
You had tried,
No one had your vision
Nobody out there had the depth
You had in every thought
In every action
Nobody had ever touched my soul
The way you did
When we laid together
Two bodies, two souls
Attempting to make one
But unable to reach the light
At the time

And so we parted
For a time
Lived and learned a little more
And we met again
After the tides had changed...
And we were able to move past
Yesterdays mistakes
And start a new chapter
In the story of us
Able to move on and become
Much more than the physical
Much more than the mental
To become something better
To become more
And you were...

More than you were ever given
Credit for...
More than the man people are
Bashing right now
I feel nothing but pity
Because they weren't allowed
To know the real you
And honor
That I do

You are missed so much Mark...
So much
You are never far from my thoughts
And never out of my heart
All my love
To you,
To your family
Your loved ones
You will be
Greatly missed
Rest in peace
My friend....

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