Sunday, June 30, 2013

Over 6/29/13

I can not begin to describe
How I feel at this moment
There are things I'd like to say
Things that have needed to be said
For a while now...

But at this point
There's no turning back
No making it better
I told you what you wanted to hear
And you've run with it...
Told you what you've been trying
To make me say for weeks now

And I've said it...
Just to see how you'd react
To the thought
Of losing me
And now I know...

So here I sit...
Alone with myself once again
Pissed off
Heart sick
Ready to fight
Ready to lay down
And let this happen
Because I can't live my life
In this stagnant water
I can't allow myself
To give in to my darkness

And that's just where this road leads
And I refuse to walk it again

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