Thursday, December 6, 2012

At All 12/06/12

So it looks like we're killing it
The progress we've made
Together as one
Or were we ever?

In the beginning,
You brought me with you
When you went to see
Those closest to you
Making me feel I was
Beginning to become
A small part
Of your life

But you've shown me
Where your heart stands
In the past few days,
In the little things I've noticed
That at the time
Meant nothing
And now show me
Where I stand
In the scheme
Of things

I'm yours in the dark
In the moments of passion
That are becoming too much
For you to handle
I'm yours when we're alone
When no one else is looking
When there's no one there
But me to see
The side of yourself
You try to keep buried

When the light hits
I belong in the shadows
Not saying much
But seeing everything
That you would rather I didn't

So where do I take this
From this point on
Where do I tether my heart
Or do I show my heart
At all
Do I want you to know
At all
Do I want you to see
How far I'm falling
Back into this

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