Friday, December 21, 2012

Mikey and Lindsey 12/20/12

There is nothing more amazing
Than finding your soul mate
Has four legs
And a spirit like no other
Friend you've ever had.

This goes out to the most
Amazing animal/soul mate...
Mikey Hampson...
Adopted from an abusive home
Injured permanently by neglect
So that this soul mate
May be deaf to the world outside
But he feels all the love and
He knows he's found
A kindred soul
In his Lindsey

But do you think that would
Have slowed him down?
When Mikey met my sweet sweet cousin
Lindsey Victoria Hampson
Who has issues of her own
That she has triumphed over
But still has to fight couragously every day
Her own battles with her health
All Mikey has to do
Is look in her eyes
Or feel through her touch
Just how much he is now loved
And he gives just as much love in return

But now we've come to a fork in the road
Poor sweet Mikey has
But Mikey is trying his hardest
To stay with his soul mate
For as long as he can
And he's trying so hard to let her know
What he knows in is big, brave, beautiful, heart
That soon he will be
Running beside her always
But on the other side of the veil...
That he will finally hear the sound
That he has waited his whole life
To hear
The one sound
On this earth that he has
Dreamed about
The sound of her voice
Telling him
How much she loves him
And always will

He wishes only one thing
That he could tell her
That he'll never leave her
That death can not separate
Two souls as intertwined
As the souls of
 Mikey and Lindsey
And that he'll be waiting patiently
To meet again many many years
From now
So just make sure you're ready
Because the moment you're together again
He will demand
Snuggle time

   I know you don't know me very well, but I know what you're going through right now.  I lost an amazing dog that healed my heart after a lot of craziness in my life... His name is Jack and he was a gentleman through an through... The sweetest most gentle dog you'll ever meet. And I swear, for the longest time after his passing, whenever I would go outside (ugh, cuz I smoke... yuk) I would feel him run past me out the door like he always did... I know how much Mikey means to you sweetie... Just know that NO MATTER WHAT he will ALWAYS BE WITH YOU.  Hang in there kiddo.... if you ever want to talk, just drop me a line on facebook.

   Your cousin

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