Thursday, December 20, 2012

Waiting For The Reaper 12/20/12

I'm waiting...
Just a few more days...
And I'll know my fate
I'll know where my road
Is leading me
And I'm terrified...
I'm sick inside...
I'm just wrong,
I'm just not ready
To deal with my
To deal with this
New turn
The devil has
Thrown onto my path
I'm just completely
Completely undone
By all this
I thought I'd conquered.
I thought I'd buried
But it's returned
With a vengeance
That is going to
Tear me into
Even more pieces
Than I've been
Trying so hard to
Place back together
In some semblance
Of a life.
I guess this is
God's way
Of telling me
I was never
I was never going
To be allowed
To be normal
Never going to see
What it is to have
A life outside
My insanity
That I was never
Going to know
How good
It tastes
To really live
I've received my
Death sentence
And I've just got
To wait a few
More days
To find out
How long I have
To wait for
The reaper
To welcome me
With open arms

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