Thursday, December 6, 2012

Proven Right.. Once Again 12/06/12

I believe I once mentioned
That I wasn't someone that likes
To play the game of love
I was looking for something
Something more than
I've had in the past

And I believed,
Until recently
That I'd found it
With you

But things are changing
And I can feel it
Deep inside,
Where I hid my

You tell me you're not
Able to deal with
The pregnant hormones
I am dealing with
The talk of how I feel
Is too much for you.

So I feel now
Like I'm right back
Where I began
Trying to keep my feelings
Bottled up
Instead of bothering you
With my emotions
My feeling of being loved
Too much
And not enough

I guess I've been remiss
In educating you
About all that I've been through
And what those words
Have done to my new found
If you wanted to defeat
My ability to be open with you
You have succeeded on all counts
Thank you for proving me right

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