Sunday, December 23, 2012

Impenetrable 12/22/12

You'd think that by now
I'd have learned
I'd have firmly and completely
Eradicated any need
Any yearning
I still had inside of me
To allow myself
To reach the level of
I have reached
As of this moment
With my love
Of you

By now you'd think
I'd have learned to keep
The walls around my heart
Until it withers away
From disuse and neglect
Instead of letting someone
In as far as I've already
Allowed you to get

Because you didn't declare war
The way so many others have.
You quietly and sweetly
Breached my gauntlet 
Broke gently through
All my defenses and somehow
You've reached the top of the tower
And somehow you lit a fire
And I need to come to grips
With the fact that
I gave you the damn match
That will burn me through

You wanted inside this castle
And now that you're here
I think you've found
You've gotten much much more
Than either of us
Ever bargained for
Now that you've seen me
Laid bare and defenseless
I wonder
Do you now wish
This fortress
Had remained

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