Monday, December 10, 2012

Bridge 12/10/12

I'm losing touch
I feel like I'm on a bridge
Halfway in between
Who I was
And where I'm supposed to be
And the fire has been lit
At both ends
And there's just nothing

I'm losing my ability
To give a flying shit
About yesterday
About tomorrow
About where I'm going
Amid this madness
Slowly bleeding
From the million
Tiny wounds
Your words inflict

Contrary to popular belief
I'm not her
I'm not the selfish bitch
I used to be
I'm finding my place
Among the ashes
Of the life I've led
But my hands are so dirty
With the filth of yesterday
They'll never come clean
At least not clean enough
For you

I can't make you understand
I can't make you see
I can't force you to accept
That there are things
On the side of the road
I've traveled
That will always
Be with me
Will always stain
My soul black
Will always
Bleed me
Right along with your
Inability to trust
That I am not
That person
Not anymore

The fire has been lit...
And I'm wondering...
Which will kill me first?
The fire
The wounds
Or the abyss
I'm ready to dive into

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