Saturday, December 22, 2012

Beyond Reason 12/21/12

I'm so sick
Of putting my heart out there
For you assholes to chew on
I don't know who you think you are
Why you think you have any right
To take my pain
And use it for your little
He-said-she-said games

But from this moment on
I'm done with all of it
Done with all the bull shit
And innuendo you're so
Hell bent on throwing onto
My path

You think that taking things
That I have said in confidence
And using them for your own
Sick need to cause hurt or
To inflate your own sense of

You've taught me a valuable lesson though
One I thought I'd already learned
Several times in my life
No matter how close you get to someone
No matter how tight you think you are
Absolutely do not ever trust
Another soul alive with anything
Keep it in, keep it silent
No matter how big or small
The issue

But if you'd wanted
To play dirty,
You couldn't have chosen
A more worthy opponent
Because you only think
That you know me
You only think you know
The lengths I'll go to
When pushed
Beyond my reason

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