Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Burning 12/25/12

I can't reach inside
And cut this out of me
I can't make this right
This time I really feel 
Like I've lost my grip 
On my sanity
On my soul
I've made such a mess
Of everything I've touched
And now I'm facing the 
Of my mistakes

The world I've been fighting for
Is falling away
And I'm too sick
To chase it
If you wonder at all
Why I've started pulling away
You'll understand
When I'm gone
When I'm just a memory
You don't deserve this hell
So I lock it inside of me
Where I allow myself 
The insanity I no longer let free

It's like I'm sitting in a room 
And it's burning down around me
There are no doors
There is no escape
And I'm just waiting
For my first taste 
Of the flames

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