Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Agony 3/5/13

I believed I knew
The meaning of
And what it feels like
To hurt so bad you'd
Rather end it
Than deal with it
Even one more day

But I was so wrong
So wrong

Life without you
Is killing me
I physically hurt inside
To feel you
In my arms
Even just to hear
Your sweet voice....
Would be like a
Like a gift
From a God
I don't believe in

I am allowed small
Treasures at times
Stories about you
Pictures of you
And they're like
A knife in my guts
But they bring a
Small measure
Of peace...
So I continue this
This agony of
Mother and child
Between hearts
That were once
Sharing a body
Sharing a soul
That are so far
Apart right now
That the distance
Seems a physical thing
Instead of mere miles

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