Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bullet 3/5/13

I'm not ready 
To face what I'm feeling
Right now
Not willing 
To bring these things
Out into the light
To be chewed up 
And spit out
By people with no
Idea the hurt
They'd cause
With their criticism...
You think you know me
But you'll never see
The hate and the lies
That lay buried 
Under my skin
You'll never know
The hurt and the rage
I hide inside so hard
I bleed to let it out
Rage I'm nurturing like a 
Mother with a newborn
Because it reminds me 
Of the battle I've yet 
To win or lose
Like I'm standing on the 
Battlefield waiting for the
Shot that will end it
That will finally give me
Finally allow me 
And when you find me
I hope the gun
That fired the long awaited
Isn't still smoking
In my own hand

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