Tuesday, March 26, 2013

To My Mother.... 3/26/13

I hang my head in shame
When you lay your eyes on me
You are able to look into me
With just a glance
And see the filth
See the dirt
See every disgusting part
Of me
And still
You look upon me
With a spark of love
With a spark of hope
In the eyes I have known
Since I was a baby
In your arms
In your heart
How could I go
From the quiet, shy
Little girl
To the angry
Broken down
Used up woman
You see before you

You have given me
Something I never imagined
I'd be able to have
Another chance....
You have seen me
But you have never seen me
At my absolute worst and I
Am thankful for that
But by all I care for
By all I love
I am going to show you
A part of me
You have never seen....

My best...

I do not deserve this
But I cherish every
Phone call...
Every visit
It's almost like you're
Giving me life
Once again
Every time I hear you say
You love me
Because I don't deserve you

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