Friday, March 29, 2013

Reverence... 3/29/13

Seeing me
Through your eyes
From your memories of me
Through my darkest days
Now that I am no longer
As dead inside
As I once was
Is a bittersweet
Of my pain
Of my struggle
To find the life
I could have had
Inside of the one I now
Bittersweet because
You saw me then
And knew inside
You could not have saved me
Any more than I could have
At the time
That  you had to sit by
And wait for me
To hit the rocks
To dig my hole in hell
To claw my own way out of

Knowing now
That you were still there
That you never gave up hope
That I'd one day win the battle
That turned the tide in this war I fight
And that I'd be where I am now inside
Brings me such reverence
For the friend I have in you...
Thank you
For showing me
What a friend
You've always been
And continued to be
Through it all...

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