Monday, March 25, 2013

Limbo 3/25/13

There's something growing inside me
A yawning chasm of shame
Of degradation...
And sometimes
I feel as though
I belong there
In limbo
Stretched between
The woman I left behind
And the woman I'm
Running after
To capture and become
Trying to leave behind
The scapegoat
I've become
Feeling I could
Become all the lies
That drip so sweetly
From your lips
Become someone
Who looks ahead
Instead of wading in
The cesspool of my mind
Just remember..
I can play the fake it
To make it game
Until I'm so lost in between
Who you want me to be
And the beast that still hides
Just under my skin
That I can't find me
I'm lost
In the limbo
I carefully laid out
One mistake
At a time....

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