Saturday, March 30, 2013

Letter to My Rapist 31... 3/30/13

I don't understand
How something small
Just a reference or
Just a blindingly fast memory
Of that night
Can set me back...
It stained me black
And from your invasion
Was born someone
I never thought I'd be
Someone who learned early
That this life was meant 
For nothing more
Than pain,
Nothing more than this 
Broken sense of 
Whatever that means...

I wonder now
If what you did to me 
Was what broke me
About the time you chewed 
My cherry to shit
And left me bleeding
My childhood out
In a puddle of your
Sweat and semen

I wonder now
If you look back and remember
What you did.. 
To a child
When you fucked her raw
And let her stumble home
Instead of killing her body
Along with the soul you'd 
Already stained

Because I'm ready
To remind you...
Because every time I run into you
Every time I see your hated face
I want to gut you
I want to watch you bleed out
And play in a puddle of your pain
Like you did to me

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