Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Diet... 3/13/13

I never thought I'd see
This tomorrow
Never thought I'd face
These demons
And come out smoking
On the other side
Of hell
But here I stand
And I fear
All the time
That it was a laugh
For the devil
Because I rode into hell
On a one way ticket
And there is no getting out
And I'm just fooling myself
Into believing
That I can keep up
This charade
Of being like the rest
Of you "normal" people
Finding that I don't want
To fall into that category
As it stands
Finding that I'm so far from "normal"
That I'll never be clean
Never wipe away the filth
Of my past
And I've simply been feeding myself
A steady diet
Of bull shit
To keep myself
From falling back
From falling away
Realizing daily
That I'll never be
What you believe me
Capable of
And I'm getting lost
In the becoming

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