Saturday, March 30, 2013

Irrelevant 3/30/13

I don't seem to be able
To understand myself lately
To get past certain emotions
Certain situations
I've found myself in...
I don't seem to be able
To put you in a category
To file you away
As something irrelevant
Because you've been forefront
In my mind and on my heart
For so long that I don't know
Where I'd be now if I couldn't
Hear your voice..
Or see those eyes
Gazing into my own
And I feel that I'm losing
Control on myself
My self preservation button
Seems to be broken
Along with my inability
To move ahead
To get past this adoration
Of all you stand for
Of all you fight for
Of all you have become
To me...
I can't make you irrelevant
Anymore than I can make
My heart forget
What is keeping me
Held fast
Where I am

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