Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Road 3/13/13

Still feel like
I'm bleeding
Like I'm broken
From walking the road
To home
That I've chosen to walk

Watching battles being fought
On every front
On every side
Taking bullets
For every one
Feeling that I've been
Stretched so thin
That this paper in front of me
Is mocking me

Trying desperately
To find the truth
Behind the lie
Of me
Trying to un-clench my teeth
From the barrel of my
Latest mistakes
Trying to find some part of me
That I can look into the mirror
And not find wanting

I'm over it
All the lies
All the broken promises
Finding the woman I am
Inside of the lie
Of what I could have been
Of who I could be

I'm left to find
That I've finally begun
To accept
That there are certain battles
That I can not fight
Without losing
Myself in the war
Realizing that I was never
Meant to win this one
Without carrying the
Battle scars
So that I can finally find my way
To what resembles home
Perhaps just a little less
Than I already am

**Inspired by a conversation and some awesome advise from an amazing friend and confidant... Zechariah Zeitler.  Thank you for all you do for me in the wee hours of the morning and for "dominating" my heart **

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