Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chasm 3/2/13

There was once a you
And there was a me
Then came the us
And then the goodbye
And that was the end

We met like two
Refugees from the war
Fresh from battle
Trying desperately to cling
To the small measure of peace
We'd found with each other

And we were good together
Each in our own way
Healing the wounds
Fighting our small battles
Until we found ourselves
Being led
Once more
Back into the onslaught
The war had found us
Once again

And we lost ourselves
Then we lost each other
For what we thought
Would be forever

Until there you stood
Bleeding and broken
From the fight
Your lips crimson
From the violent kiss
Of war
And there was I
Unable to cross
The chasm
Of all that used to be
And all that would never be

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