Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Something More.... 1/1/13

So today begins a new chapter
One in which I am going to try
To be something better
Someone worth something
Instead of letting myself drown
In the misery of my past.

I have done wrong
So wrong
But I will no longer allow
My mistakes
To define
The woman I am today

The blows have landed
Just as they were meant
But I refuse to feel the pain
I refuse to be anything more
Or less than the woman
I want to be

And I want to feel whole
I want to abandon myself to
The promise of tomorrow
Instead of continuing this climb
Out of hell

Because of you
Because I want to be whole
For you
Because you've given me
Something I've never known
You make me feel
When I trained myself to be numb

I don't know how you did it...
But you've opened the well
You've helped me claw my way
Out of the abyss...

And as long as you're standing
At the top...
I'll keep climbing
Toward you

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