Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Falling 9/18/2012 (explicit-Rape)

So I'm falling
Down the rabbit hole
Trying not to land 
Face down
Staring down my past
With a new 
A tiny ray
Of hope
That maybe someday
I'll find the me
I'm supposed to be

The girl you can 
Be proud of
Just maybe
Just maybe

I'll become the someone
Who will show you all
What rage does 
What hate creates 
Inside the shell of a woman
You all looked over
And found wanting...

I'm no longer 
Your scapegoat
The one you use 
As an example of 
What happens 
When you lose 
All hope
All faith

When you finally lose
Your mind

So I'm falling down this
Rabbit hole
Refusing to land
Face down
I'll finally fill the 
That your scathing superiority 
Left chewed out 
Spread naked 
On the ground

Fearing the raw intent
Pouring out of you eyes
With every thrust
You violate my 

You couldn't take enough

I remember standing
Holding my cloths together
Afraid to stand and run
Afraid to hope that
It was all a nightmare

With every step. 
Every ounce of blood
Every hurt I felt
Every thought of revenge
I kept my silence....

But no more
No more
I'm a child 
No more
I was innocent
But no more

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