Monday, September 10, 2012

When It All Falls Apart

Who do you turn to?
When no one even remembers your name?
Who do you turn to?
When all the fight’s gone out of your game?
The pain inside just never ends,
 nothing matters,
 no one can.
When all you crave comes much too late, 
 when not even god will try to relate. 
This is the monster that I live to hide,
 and no one cares that it’s there inside.
When you push so hard you start to bleed,
 then you’ll know what’s inside of me.
How can you tell me you know how it feels,
 when you’ve never lived inside my skin.
How can you tell me you know how it is,
 when the thought of touching the ones you love make you want to cringe.
I invite you to step inside my hell. 
To take a step away from your safe little shell. 
And when you finally understand how I feel inside, 
You won’t ask yourself why I want to die.
My guts are twisted into knots,
 my skin crawling away. 
This is the monster that 
I live to hide and no one cares
 that it’s there inside.

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